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                       Benefits from using an infrared sauna

The human body has evolved with its own self-healing mechanism - the fever response- An increased body core temperature boosts the immune system to help kill harmful intruders and accelerates the healing process through increased circulation.

The Physiotherm Principle supports the body in its task of strengthening and protecting itself through infrared deep warmth. And this can have an almost immediately beneficial impact for many people, especially with common issues such as back pain. Over time regular sessions can result in a significant boost to their quality of life and general sense of well-being.

Back pain is a major source of sick days for the UK economy and one of the most common cited health issues facing modern society. Many professionals suggest that this can be largely put down to our more sedentary lifestyles and being desk bound for many jobs. But have you ever noticed that your pain eases in summer? Many people experience pain relief in a warmer environment. A Physiotherm infrared therapy cabin in your own home offers an easy access source of soothing deep heat whenever you need it and regular sessions can offer long term improvements for many back pain sufferers.

Issues of weight, physical and mental exhaustion caused by stress (burn-out syndrome), regular bouts of illness due to an impaired immune system and complaints linked to a poor supply of oxygen to the brain (e.g. poor concentration) are all issues that can potentially be helped by regular Physiotherm infrared sauna sessions. (The organic Therapy clinic)

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